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shoppers enter the Fulton Street Farmer's Market on a sunny Saturday morning!

Today I’d like to discuss two different places that are located at the same place! The Fulton Street Market hosts a Farmer’s market on various days to gather ingredients for a meal, and then an Artisan’s market on Sundays for the perfect handmade gift!

The Fulton Street Farmers Market, accessible from Fulton near Fuller, is a great location for fresh, local produce! Depending on the season you can find anything from herbs, potatoes, corn, blueberries, strawberries, asparagus and many more items! Some staple items that are usually available are: eggs, meat, cheese, breads, flowers/greenery and perhaps some handmade trinkets!

The Market was opened in 1922 and had three competitors, however, it was the only one to last making it the oldest AND largest Farmer’s Market in Grand Rapids! Generations have shopped at this market, and for many, the market is filled with great memories of shopping with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa for ingredients for that night’s supper! But for some families it’s all about starting a new tradition and supporting our local farmers- and getting FRESH produce in return!

Try to get to the farmer’s market early on Saturday morning to get the best pick of the crop (literally! haha)- but be prepared for it to be busy because you are one of the 11,000 shoppers that walk through the market each week! There is parking available on both sides of the market, but you might have to park on Fulton or one of the close by cross streets! Bring a reusable bag to load up all your goodies and cash (although tickets for payment are available at the main building that can be purchased with a credit card. The farmer’s market is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00a.m. until 3:00p.m.

For the past seven years on Sundays the vegetables get put away and handmade art is on display at the Fulton Street Artisans Market. Local artists sell their own jewelry, photography, buttons, scarves, magnets, and lawn decorations- you name it, it’s there! If crowds are not your thing, then Sunday is the time to visit, to casually peruse through all of the beautiful works of art! It’s definitely a different scene than the rest of the week, but completely worth the trip!

Farmer’s market website: http://fultonstreetmarket.org/
Farmer’s market hours: Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 8:00a.m.- 3:00p.m.
first Saturday of May until the Saturday before Christmas

Location of both: off of Fulton a block West of Fuller

Artisans market website: http://www.grartmarket.com/
Artisans market hours: Sunday 11:00a.m.- 3:00p.m.
open seasonally from mid June until end of September